Hello, I am Manishi and I live in beautiful Squamish, British Columbia.

In Fall of 1998, I was trekking in the remote mountains of North Eastern Nepal. One day, I happened to pass through a village where people were drying handmade paper in big wooden frames along the slopes of a mountainous terrain. I was truly captivated by the beauty and texture of the paper and even more  fascinated by the paper making process. I had never seen such an ancient art of paper-making  process. 

In next few years I learned the art of making paper and gradually started making journals. 

Each journal that I make is individually handcrafted using thread, buffalo leather and the handmade paper.  The journals are light, flexible and very durable. They easily fold into pockets and bags. 

The buffalo leather is very soft and has a rustic texture. 

The paper inside the journals is one of the finest handmade papers of the world. The paper is handcrafted from the inner barks of Lokta plants that grow wildly in the foothills of Nepal's Himalayas. Lokta is a sustainable resource as the root system is not damaged and the plant grows back in few years. 

The journals are ideal for writing, sketching, photo album, guest book and scrap-booking. 


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